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>> anne kornblut, a classic bill clinton version of history. it wasn't my fault. >> yeah, absolutely. you've got to feel for the guy. i mean, it's 15 years later. you know, two administrations later. and he's still talking about the first major disaster of his administration. you give him points for the crack about the town hall meetings, he's still got that. but, you know -- he did have a point. but it was interesting to see he's still got it. he's still got his spirit out there at these town hall meetings. >> jeanne cummings, he really doesn't like dissent in those normally hand-picked audiences he talks to. you can see it wasn't just that he was going to take the position it wasn't my fault. he actually blames the questioner. points at the questioner and blames the questioner, it's your fault for not delivering me the congress that i needed. >> and that's really not the bill clinton that we've seen over the years. he looked very tired. he usually is pretty good at
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finessing around opposition and then pivoting and working it to his advantage. but in this case he came across simply as angry. the finger-pointing is very ineffective. and, you know, let's face it, that little guy in the audience, he couldn't build support for congress, of course he was talking about the community. but the truth is we all know bill clinton also mishandled that at the time. and so it was very unusual to see that sort of response. but you know, we've in the last few years, we've seen that he still can have like a trigger of anger. when people are critical of his administration. >> anne, if bill clinton was auditioning for a surrogate role in the obama health care campaign, to go out there on the road and help him sell it, i would say he failed in that particular audition. >> yeah, i don't think that's going to happen. i don't think it was going on happen in any event. i think they're going to leave him doing diplomacy and rescuing people in foreign countries. >> thank you, anne kornblut and jeanne cummings.
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chris matthews will be back monday at 5:00 and 7:00 eastern for more "hardball." "countdown" with keith olbermann starts right now. which of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow? the president steps in front of the unscreened town hallers to whom he explains that they and the nation are being held hostage by insurance companies who are bankrupting families. >> i also get my news from the cable networks because i don't like the spin that comes from them other places. >> oh, you got to be careful about them cable networks, though. >> or with senators, democrat ted conrad of north dakota talks sabotage. says he can kill the essence of reform. the public option. speaking of killing the cat fight between specter and grassley on twitter. specter tells grassley to stop scaring people with terms like "death panels." grassley says he never said
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death panels. true. grassley only said -- >> you have every right to fear. we should not have a government program that determines when you pull the plug on grandma. >> the grandma plug pullers and others are alive and well thanks to sarah palin. she boasts she got the death panels removed. payback is the proverbial "b" word. beck humiliated at congressman rick larsen's town hall in washington state. >> i've got beck at my side and you've got glenn beck on your side. just not going to play out that way. >> as a dozen advertisers chance l on beck comedy central catches him in a bit of a contradiction. >> you're about to lose the best health care system in the world. getting well in this country actually almost kills you. >> worse, the minneapolis newspaper praises michelle bachman's son for going in to teach for america. says he's a smart, caring kid
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who must have been well raised. so she declares the paper has done a hit job on him. and karl rove on family? and joe the plumber, the standup comedian? how will we know when his act is over? all that and more now on "countdown." good evening from new york. after weeks of fear mongering, shouting lies, death threats, and more in our fifth story today the president came face to face with a real american who challenged him on health care reform. the stage had been set for a couple days with a group affiliated with the tea party offshoot americans for prosperity whipping up opposition to greet mr. obama when he arrived for today's town hall in belgrade, montana. it will be important to see montanans come out in force to say no to government health care. a member of patients first told the associated press yesterday. some 1300 people got inside after first come first serve ticket giveouts at two city
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halls. one of those people a welder named randy had driven almost all the way across montana to get tickets so he could confront president. here is what happened when a real, working joe from a state that represents the real america expressed his real concerns about real health care reform to his president. >> my name is randy rathie. as you can see i'm a proud nra member. [ cheering ] >> i believe in our constitution. >> yeah. >> and it's a very important thing. i always get my news from the cable networks because i don't like the spin that comes from them other places. >> oh, you got to be careful about them cable networks, though. >> oh, no. >> go on with your question. >> max bachus our senator has been locked up in a dark room for months now trying to come up with some money to pay for these
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programs. we keep getting the bull. that's all we get is bull. you can't tell us how you're going to pay for this. you're saving here. you're saving over there. you're going to take a little money here. you're going to take a little money there. but you have no money. the only way you're going to get that money is to raise our taxes. you said you wouldn't. max bachus says he doesn't want to put a bill out that will but that's the only way you can do that. >> well, i'm happy to answer the question. >> okay. thank you. >> look. you are absolutely right that i can't cover another 46 million people for free. 2/3 of the money we can obtain just from eliminating waste and inefficiencies and the congressional budget office has agreed with that. this is not something i'm just making up. republicans don't dispute it. and then the other third we would have to find additional revenue but it wouldn't come on the backs of the middle class. randy, i appreciate your
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question. the respectful way you asked it. by the way, i believe in the constitution, too. so thank you very much. >> that's right. no death panel crap. no feerp ar of the public popgs. the montana audience clapped. just a reasonable question about how to pay for it. a reasonable debate on both sides. president clinton speaking to the net roots nation convention urging progressive bloggers and online activists to get behind health care reform mr. clinton saying, quote, no matter how low they drive support for this with misinformation the minute the president signs the health care reform bill his approval will go up. secondly, within a year when all those bad things they say will happen don't happen and all the good things happen, approval will explode. they know they have no choice to beat, chance to beat health care this time unless they can mortify with rigid fears some moderate, conservative democrats. we're looking at you kent conrad of north dakota.
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at a town hall yesterday he told about a hundred people he will not vote for any plan with a public option, a vital, perhaps the vital component to the president's plan. conrad, important at this stage of the game for his role on the finance committee working with ranking republican chuck grassley about whom more in a moment. meanwhile another democrat from real america revealed just how committed mr. obama is to enacting real health care reform. iowa's congressman leonard boswell at his own townhall recounting a discussion he had with mr. obama in february. >> we talked about some of these things, you know, whether energy or health care or whatever. and the president, i'm not going to kick the can down the road. he said that. and i said that's something i'm kind of used to in southern iowa. i know about kicking the can down the road. he said, no, if it makes me a one-term president we're going to take it on because the country is in need of us taking this on. i respected that very much. >> returning to our program once again on this issue former vermont governor howard dean himself of course a physician and former chair of the democratic party now serves as
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an independent consultant providing guidance to clients particularly in the areas of health care and alternative energy resources. thanks for your time again tonight, governor. >> thanks for having me on. >> can you explain or refute whichever is appropriate mr. clinton's prediction enacting health care reform will ultimately benefit mr. obama and presumably democrats in terms of popularity and electability in the mid terms next year? >> everybody likes a winner and i think president clinton's political instincts are rarely wrong. i think he's right in this case. i thought that guy from montana did america a great favor. i've been doing book signings and speeches around the country over the last few months and particularly in the last few weeks, you know, a lot of conservatives will come but they don't behave like the people, like the tea baggers and the right wing get out. they're real americans. they have questions. it's a legitimate question to ask how we're going to pay for that. he deserves a legitimate answer. that's what's going to kill the republican party. people want civil dialogue and the republicans apparently don't care about civil dialogue and
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they don't seem to care about any dialogue. i commend that guy from montana. he's like a lot of vermonters i know. they just want answers. they're not looking to embarrass anybody. they just want answers. >> with open access first come first serve what do you make of the fact that's exactly what he got? he got skeptical questions, the president did, but even in montana we didn't get one of the right wing fear mongers about the wildest thing that was done was the reading of the preamble to the constitution, basically americans sharing real experiences. was that grown-ups talking to grown-ups or why was that different than these things we've seen on the congressional and senatorial town halls? >> i think because it wasn't orchestrated and people really want to hear from their president and hear from these congress people. i think the biggest problem the republican party is going to have is their image now of people who shout all the time. real america is not like that. whether they're conservative or liberal. >> back to mr. clinton for a moment, does he, in fact, have a role to play here either with progressives or the blue dogs or possibly both? >> you know, i think the blue
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dogs have in general been constructive. the blue dogs have not turned their back on the public option. i'm incredibly disappointed with kent conrad who i consider to be a good friend. the public option is the only reform left in this bill. if you don't have public option it's not worth passing this bill. you have to give americans a choice, kent, you ought to give americans a choice. i don't understand why kent -- why you think that you ought to be able to make the choice for the american people. let them make their own choices. they'll do the right thing just like that guy in montana. they'll do the right thing. >> where is that going to end up? you suggested yesterday when chuck grassley was already claiming that the end of life consultation reimbursements were gone -- >> chuck voted for that, you know, in 2003, chuck grassley voted for that in 2003. it exists today in the medicare bill. that exists today. part of that is because chuck grassley voted for it. that is a ridiculous controversy. >> and almost everybody who has voiced this came out on the other side of it at some point
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earlier in their careers which makes it more ridiculous. >> keith, over the weekend we'll hear about it or maybe later, we'll hear about taking peoples children and indoctrinating them. based on a program we actually use in vermont to reduce child abuse and foster care placements and keep families together. inc. these people are going over the edge. i really do. >> i hate to spring this on you but michelle bachman already said that. >> is that right? >> with americorp. >> i rest my case. >> your prediction has already come true 30 seconds after you made it. but one last point here about what kent conrad said. is he going to prove to be wrong on this? that -- whether he decides to vote for the public option or not is it going to be in the bill? >> it will be in the bill because at the end of the day the republicans essentially senator grassley said this yesterday are not interested in being part this of at all. they're just stalling. senator grassley turned his back on any compromise yesterday pressured by his own party. i think he, left to his own devices, would work something out. so this is going to be left up to the democratic caucus to do and the majority of democrats believe you have to have real
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reform which includes a public option howard dean, former governor, former presidential candidate and one correct prediction already in the books for tonight. great thanks for your time, sir. >> thanks for having me on. all right. there is a precedent for the health care battle. the stimulus bill as well saw the president fighting hard for republican support to end up with them throwing the stim flus his face even after he traded away some components progressives claimed would prove imperative such as paul krugman who warned a larger stimulus was needed and today recalled his warning last year that republicans would oppose him, lie about him, no matter what he did at seeking their support. the president seeking their support was quixote and urged president obama to speak out against the lies by others. we turn now to eugene robinson. thanks for your time tonight. >> good to be here, keith. >> here's the fundamental question. it was great to see a president as respectful and in setting a
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tone for respect with people at town halls who didn't necessarily want to buy into what he was selling. but there seems to be that reference is still there also for -- that reverence is there for republicans in terms of making concessions in this bill, republicans who will not vote for this even if it includes all the concessions they demand. if they strip the public option, if it takes $4 out of the insurance industry next year the republicans will all vote against this. >> yeah, yeah. so it does raise the request he, what he, -- the question, what is the point? why make further concessions to the republicans when you know in the end they aren't going to vote for it? i think that's not only a legitimate question but a question that answers itself. frankly, you -- if you move toward the center -- i'm not sure there is really a center of this debate but if you move toward the right at all you're trying to get that middle that's perhaps conflicted. yourself' reassuring people this
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isn't some sort of radical change that will upset their lives and take away the insurance they already have. but beyond reassuring people of that, you know, giving up the public option for example to republicans who are not going to vote for it in the end i think is folly and it makes the whole exercise not worth while. >> well, hopefully on that point howard dean is a hundred percent correct. but ultimately if he's not, only 99% correct, what are the people who are facing ordeals like mr. obama's mother faced in his childhood, what are they going to get or lose from his quest for republican votes that aren't there? >> well, if you look at what a health care reform package might have been and maybe, you know, politics is the art of the possible but imagine you could have had a bill where you could negotiate prices with big pharma to get drug prices down.
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you could have had a bill that was much tougher on the insurance companies. you certainly can have one i hope still can have one with a public option. people like the president's mother who went through that ordeal at the end of her life, you know, lose a lot if they lose what's left of genuine reform in the bill, which is as governor dean said essentially the public option and some of the other reforms about preexisting conditions and the like. >> you heard governor dean about senator conrad. on the subject of the blue dogs, presumably some of the point of quoting republicans is to keep pressure on the blue dogs, keep them in line rather than just telling the blue dogs -- why not just tell the blue dogs, you want the benefits of the majority party. you vote with the majority of the majority party on what is the majority of the policy they were elected to enact or else? >> right. that works for me. you know, look.
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this is a big piece of social legislation. well, who was good at getting through big pieces of social legislation? well, lbj, for example. and he was mr. senate. he knew how to corral and coerce and cajole a majority in that fractious body and it wasn't all by being nice and abandoning positions. it was sometimes by putting your arm around a senator and saying look, you are going to vote my way or the highway. >> is this happening and we don't know about it? paul krugman wrote that the obama white house has this deer in the headlights response to the whipped up right. is the deer staring into the lights? does the deer have another car we don't see in the picture? what's going on? >> you know, we have been through this drill before. there have been times in the past when i certainly, and i believe you, too, we've sat
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there and said, gee, you know, shouldn't the president be more forceful? shouldn't he be attacking and this and that? and he doesn't and, uyou know, t tends to work out well for him. i won't speak for you but in the past i was wrong during the campaign. i think this is a somewhat different situation. i think he's not trying to charm large members of the public. he's up against special interests that are impervious to his charms and i think it requires a tougher approach. >> gene robinson, pulitzer prize winning columnist of "the washington post" also of msnbc, have a great weekend. thanks very much. >> you too, keith. it was governor dean who yesterday suggested senator grassley was a little early on his boasting about removing reimbursements for end of life counseling from the bill. what in sports we used to call premature joierature jocularity. she's now boasting she has killed them off. sarah palin celebrates her part in terrifying the unthinking
8:19 pm
people she was supposed to protect. another expert in that field learns the meaning of the phrase from shakespeare's "hamlet" 'tis the sport to have the engineer hoist with his own petard. to play out the pun on the french word petard, his own gas. glenn beck loses more advertisers as he discovers organized political uprisings disguised as organic grass roots protests cut both ways. >> we will not be quiet. kind spices we are miracle whip and we will not tone it down
8:20 pm
the original death eater boasts of her success after the announcement about getting death panels pulled out of the health care reform bill except the announcement was about the senate reform bill and it hasn't happened yet. this while senators grassley and specter have a twitter war over whether grassley as death eater or a grandma plug puller. later lou dobbs denies he ever called howard dean a blood-sucking liberal. excuse me. excuse me. if you'll permit me, i called him a blood-sucking leftist. that's much better. worst persons ahead on "countdown." are trying to block progress
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on health care reform, derailing the debate with myths and scare tactics. desperately trying to stop you from discovering that reform won't ration care. you and your doctor will always decide the best treatment for you. tell congress not to let myths get in the way of fixing what's broken with health care. learn the facts at if you're using other moisturizing body washes, you might as well be. you see, their moisturizer sits on top of skin, almost as if you're wearing it. only new dove deep moisture has nutriummoisture, a breakthrough formula with natural moisturizers... that can nourish deep down. it's the most effective natural nourishment ever. new dove deep moisture with nutriummoisture.
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nothing like a huge fight over something that does not exist. when speaking about the actual thing about which you created the fictional thing not even getting the sequence of events on that right either. in our fourth story on the "countdown" former governor sarah palin gives herself a facebook high 5 for killing the so-called death panel and senator grassley and arlen specter are having a death panel fight via twitter. palin first writing on her facebook page, yeah, she wrote this. i joined millions of americans in expressing appreciation for the senate finance committee's decision to remove the decision in the pending health care bill that authorizes end of life
8:24 pm
consultations. of course, congress has been in recess the past week so nothing has been dropped in any bill yet. palin may have been confused also about that senate and house thing. hr 3200 would mean house of representatives. she might have been confused because senator grassley recently said quote we dropped end of life provisions from consideration entirely because of the way they could be misinterpreted but that was the senate version of the bill. we need to show that animated thing about how a bill becomes law because clearly the governor doesn't know. hi. i'm a bill. hi. i'm a sarah palin. if senator grassley was key in keeping that out of the bill, that would have happened well before palin's death panel nonsense back before both houses -- i've lost you haven't i, sarah? meantime senator grassley who has a penchant for bitter tweeting has found new source material. a tweet from senator specter. called senator grassley to tell him to stop spreading myths about health care reform and imaginary death panels. had to leave a message for now. i will talk to him soon. so senator grassley twitted or tweeted back specter got it all
8:25 pm
wrong thai ever used words death boards. even liberal press never accused me of that so change your last tweet, arlen. sure, senator grassley but you did say this. >> there is some fear because in the house bill there is counseling for end of life. i don't have any problems with things like living wills but they ought to be done within the family. we should not have a government program that determines you're going to pull the plug on grandma. >> so grassley is not technically a death eater. he would instead be a grandma plug puller. let's call in democratic strategist chris kofinis. good evening. >> good evening. >> grassley first. it would be merely absurd if this were not so maddening. he's been fueling death panel fear and now is trying to mince words with senator specter but grassley is the kind of gop lead negotiator the democrats are supposed to trust in this? >> is kind of ironic that the senator that's leading the bipartisan effort to get a
8:26 pm
health care reform bill seems to be unleerk parashing partisan a full of fallshoods. at worst case scenario it exposes this as a parcing process amongst some of the republicans particularly senator grassley in terms of what their real agenda may be which is to either stop or fundamentally reshape health care reform. at a minimum it's just toxic to the whole process. if you're actually serious about pursuing a bipartisan effort the last thing you should be doing is spreading outright lies. >> more outright hypocrisy on this. many republicans, grassley, john boehner, supported end of life counseling in 2003 as part of the medicare prescription drug bill as reported by "time" which governor dean mentioned earlier. the evidence of the phoniness of this is mounting. at some point doesn't that pile of evidence get so big it falls on the people who have been putting this nonsense out?
8:27 pm
>> i think it does but i think, you know, if we kind of step back and look at this from 20,000 feet if you will, it kind of exposes what the strategy here is. i think what is clear between the town halls and the legislative strategy, the strategy of the republicans is what i call the screaming at the ref. they know that health care reform bill is going to pass. sometime in september or october. the whole idea of spreading these lies, of doing these town halls, is to basically shape the final bill in their favor. this is i think the dangerous part about this is not letting the democrats and ourselves play into this and basically exposing for what it is. they know that this train has left the station. but to some extent if they continue to pursue this type of strategy, we've seen it, it has had an impact. i think the strategy here is to counter it by not basically screaming, one, screaming back, but, two, screaming the facts. i think you saw that today with president obama's town hall.
8:28 pm
>> a thought occurs to me. why would grassley and palin be stupid enough to talk about how they killed this thing if it were not solely -- because they haven't because congress has been in recess. there's been no alterations of the bill and won't be until everybody gets back but could they be doing this, palin and grassley in particular, in hopes of being able to fire this all up again? there's our school house rock bill. try to explain this to governor palin who doesn't hr is from the house of representatives, not an abbreviation for harry rasmussen or something. my point, they've gone through this once, made it up once and declared victory. so now if it turns out that through whatever means the reimbursement of end of life consultation is back in the final version of the bill, when it's actually voted upon, can't they just say, look, we killed this off but the democrats, they are demanding the death panel. they're putting the death panels back in. are they going for two bites of the same apple? >> listen. here's what i think is clear. certain republicans, in particular sarah palin being
8:29 pm
one, by the way, don't you get the feeling sarah palin has become the joe "the plumber" of ex-governors? she doesn't seem to want to ever go away. it is amazing. putting that aside for a second, it is clear that certain republicans like sarah palin have a clear strategy, which is to go out there and spread clear falsehoods and spread this notion that, you know, the public option would bring our health care system to a standstill or to a crisis like it's not in a crisis. >> yeah. >> and so i think when you kind of realize what their strategy is, they're going to do this again and again, whether it's, you know, the so-called fake death panels or some other types of provisions or other type of language, to bring this process, the legislative process to a standstill. and basically build the political pressure against, one, the public option or more significant stronger reform. i, again, i think this is the challenge for democrats and for the obama administration, to not let that happen. i think one strategy, not to go on about it, but one strategy i think is really important, if
8:30 pm
we're going to have this debate about public option we should have every republican in the congress basically make a pledge that they will vote against funding for medicare, medicaid, every veteran's funding, health care funding. that is a challenge. we need to put them on the defensive and attack a little bit back. >> if you think nationalized medicine and health care of some form is socialism, let's see you put your money where your mouth is. by the way, while we've been talking about this sarah palin called in and asked us to shut up so she can watch the movie. chris kofinis, democratic strategist. thanks. have a good weekend. >> thanks, keith. >> all right. what's that first rule of show business? from w.c. fields, never work with children or animals. ask the woman on the left about that. w.c. fields was a pretty smart feller, wasn't he? and glenn beck loses conagra, radio shack, the number of big advertisers who bailed out after he called the president a racist is now over a dozen. sfx: coin drop, can shaking
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best in a moment and two fs, f-8 and f-9. fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life son. first on this date in 1935 the house and senate having passed it president roosevelt signed into law a bill opposed by the national association of manufacturers and u.s. chamber of commerce decried as pure socialism, the redistribution of wealth and the end of the united states of america, unconstitutional, guaranteed to cost jobs and hurt the economy and another step toward turning us communist. republicans why out numbered 3-1
8:35 pm
in the house at the time. 15 of them voted no. they were out numbered 2-1 in the senate and six voted no. the bill was called social security. let's play "oddball." we begin with a scary story from bradenton, florida. last week snake wrangler justin matthews rescued the community from a 14-foot python discovered lurking yards away from a children's daycare facility. this is footage of the brave mr. matthews capturing the snake. after the crisis was averted our hero took some time to share his concerns with the media. >> of course your primary concern is human safety. this snake right here could easily swallow like an 8-year-old child. >> the trouble is mr. matthews' only concern was actually for his business. yesterday matthews admitted to planting the deadly snake outside the daycare center and then staging the rescue. the snake's former owner spotted the phony on the news and tipped off reporters.
8:36 pm
matthews said he was trying to raise awareness of snakes, quoting him, i'll never do it again but as it turns out i'm getting more calls. that's stinking liar snake removal service, snake removal you can trust. they always say think like your opponent and he clearly thinks like a snake. to canadian tv now and the adopt a pet segment on global bcs noon news program. this anchor and her guest have two pooches on this week, a german shepherd and ginger. ginger needs a home and ginger has a hankering for studio makeup. >> yes, just fell. oh, get off. >> this is crazy. no, this is ginger. >> hi, ginger. ginger just loves people. >> i love ginger. >> you don't have any makeup left. >> okay. okay. >> okay, ginger. off.
8:37 pm
that's good. >> told that joke about the peanut butter. ginger is a little, you know, a little grabby. okay. the irony. the master of the phony business driven not really grass roots protest. he has lost even more advertisers because of not really grass roots protests. and joe "the plumber", racist, author, blogger, now trying to become joe the standup. these stories ahead. dateline from texas, number three best way to destroy your own company. ceo john mackie of whole foods never realized that much, most, maybe all of the clientele of his organic based supermarket might just be liberals. mr. macey wrote an article on health care reform. it began with a description of the reform as socialism and warned it would move us much closer to a government takeover of our health care system. as of this afternoon there were 22 pages worth, about 300 separate discussion threads at the whole foods website about how to boycott whole foods and where you should go shop
8:38 pm
instead. dateline new york city number 2. cbs evening news in a piece about the astroturf nature of the lobbyist organized protests of health care running a clip from a singer named paper mache quoted as saying it seems like republicans have all these talking points that have been delivered through glenn beck, bill o'reilly and sean hannity. an outraged o'reilly responded, totally absurd. i've never received a republican talking point in my life not realizing by implication he was saying his colleagues beck and hannity had indeed received and delivered republican talking points. team work. and dateline, british columbia. number one. best cliche' shattered. simon fraser university has introduced a new grade lower than an f, an fd. failed with academic dishonesty. plagiarism using essay writing, online services, etcetera. no professor can dish out an fd, only a department head. shortly after it was introduced it was reported the university of alberta had already introduced a grade worse than f for cheaters.
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in fact two of them. the f-8 and the f-9. which can be improved to an f after only three years. ♪ don't know much about history ♪
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it's a point of hate speech on talk radio and tv is to goose ratings then on our third story there could be no better indication than to lose money from advertisers who say no thanks to the hate mongers. an african-american group called color of change has effectively directed attention to glenn beck. because on air punditry has been egregious lately, a bit more on the death kenard. newt gingrich, as rachel so succintly noted last night, a few months ago gingrich was extolling the virtues of advance directives quoting in la crosse, wisconsin, the gunderson luther hospital system is according to
8:43 pm
the dartmouth the least expensive place in america for the last two years of life. they have an advanced directive program and over 90% of the patients have an advanced directive. they have electronic health records so everybody knows what it is. the result is the last two years of your life and costs are about $13 $13,600. the last two years at ucla are $58,000. why should medicare pay $58,000 for the same outcome if it could pay $13,600? the point, when people decide what they prefer ahead of time it gives peace of mind not only to the family but happens to save everybody a lot of money. on air advertisements were provided for a company that has wills and living wills. just like advance directives, just like end of life counseling, it's a good thing. which brings us back to the cluster fox nonsense that is glenn beck. after he called president obama a racist with, quote, a deep
8:44 pm
seeded hatred for white people his advertisers fled. the late snet conagra, roche, radio shack bringing the total to a dozen advertisers who have dropped beck. he remains on the air for now able to preach the same lies about health care reform but congressman larsen of washington has a perfect rebuttal as displayed in his recent town hall meeting. >> now, folks will say that's not true but i have facts on my side and you've got glenn beck on your side. >> my hero. as for mr. beck's hypocrisy on the subject, as assembled by "the daily show" here is mr. beck lately. >> america already has the best health care in the world. we do take care of our sick. you're about to lose the best health care system in the world. what does it mean for the rest of the world if we lose our position as the innovator as having the best health care in
8:45 pm
the world? >> but here was mr. beck when something personal might have caused him to speak the truth for about five minutes. >> i'm just at home and i'm recovering from some surgery that was scheduled and then went horribly awry. it was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life to receive health care in the united states. this is one of the hospitals where the president of ge is going. if they don't care about the president of ge, you really think they care about, you know, slugs that are just average working stiffs? >> no matter how much the health care system would try to keep me down, i'm back. a personal voyage through the nightmare that is our health care system. we seem to be a society or a
8:46 pm
system now in health care that is just trying to shove the patients out that door as fast as they can. getting well in this country actually could almost kill you. >> or at least sap your brain of all of your rationality. as mr. beck learned long ago if you're going to be laughed at might as well get paid for it. these two of the right wingers will appear as themselves on "family guy." and worst, a newspaper calls her kid a smart kid, caring kid. says he must have been raised well. congresswoman bachman tells constituents the newspaper committed a full column to a hit piece on one of my kids. is it possible she does not know how to read? when rachel joins us, after she connected the dots between former house majority leader dick armey and the fake spontaneous town hall protests mr. armey had to resign from his law firm. guess who is on the "meet the press" panel with dick armey on sunday. rachel is.
8:47 pm
8:48 pm
not legally a plumber.
8:49 pm
can't get a book contract. can't find anyone to run him for congress. gets laughed at a lot. joe the plumber is becoming joe the standup. worse? people are not listening. lou dobbs thinks everybody is mad at him for calling howard dean a leftist not for saying howard dean needed a stake through his heart. michelle bachman is praised for raising her son well so she lashes out at the newspaperman for writing what she called a hit job on her son. you're watching "countdown" on msnbc. ♪ (laughing through computer) good night, buddy. good morning, dad. (announcer) oreo. milk's favorite cookie.
8:50 pm
rush limbaugh and karl rove
8:51 pm
on family guy. joe the plumber in a competition for d.c.'s funniest person. that's next. worst persons in the world, lou dobbs just keeps digging the hole deeper. apparently didn't get the idea when he called howard dean a blood-sucking leftist, i mean you got to put a stake through his heart to stop this guy, the public recoil was not about his use of the term "leftist" but the use of blood-sucking and the suggestion the governor had to be treated like a vampire. dobbs had this exchange with the former communications director of the dnc. she said because what you're seeing is tyranny is when you organize for the purpose of being disruptive or use hate speech like i want to drive a stake through howard dean's heart. >> dobbs said really? did i say that? >> finny say i heard that on your program. dobbs said really? she said that is a convenient correction but called him a blood-sucking liberal. >> excuse me. if you'll permit me, i called him a blood-sucking leftist.
8:52 pm
oh, excuse me. leftist, not lib erm. what do you think lou will do in his next career? runner-up, rudolph guiliani has joined the death eaters. health care in case the obama administration hasn't noticed is very expensive. they'll have to cut services and programs. it is natural one way people would suggest you do that is cut off care for the elderly. people assume these death panels will be created. they have created that suggestion in the ambiguity of the legislation. who created that? betsy mccaughey, sarah palin, and now rudolph guiliani death eater. our winner michelle bachman after the minneapolis star tribune reported her son harrison had joined americorp which she had described as taxpayer funded, liberal reeducation camps bachman sent out a fund raising appeal to her looney tunes constituents alleging the paper gave a full column to a hit piece on one of my kids. yes. how true. what parent would not recoil in horror at seeing the following
8:53 pm
written about their son? for the first time we have to rely on the charity of good kids like harrison bachman to step up and help out at our schools. harrison must be a smart kid, a caring kid. must have been raised well. thank you, harrison, for your service. here's hoping you inspire kids to dream and get inspired in the process. oh, the pain. the shame. gee whiz, congresswoman, i'd get the boy to sue for libel. raised well, caring kid, thank you for your service. that damned liberal media, always wrong. i think we do not appreciate the specimen that is michelle bachman, one of the world's most vibrant, largest egos fully functioning despite no evidence of any other brain activity. congresswoman, michelle, bachman, today's worst person in the world. medication to lower yr bad cholesterol but your good cholesterol and
8:54 pm
triglycerides are still out of line? then you may not be seeing the whole picture. ask your doctor about trilipix. statin to lower bad cholesterol, along with diet, adding trilipix can lower fatty triglycerides and raise good cholesterol to help improve all three cholesterol numbers. trilipix has not been shown to prevent heart attacks or stroke more than a statin alone. trilipix is not for everyone, including people with liver, gallbladder, or severe kidney disease, or nursing women. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you are pregnant or may become pregnant. blood tests are needed before and during treatment to check for liver problems. contact your doctor if you develop unexplained muscle pain or weakness, as this can be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. this risk may be increased when trilipix is used with a statin. if you cannot afford your medication, call 1-866-4-trilipix for more information. trilipix. there's more to cholesterol. get the picture.
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
their antics have to be some
8:57 pm
type of half bamd schtik a plumber who isn't a plumber and a party leader never elected. it turns out to be the warmup act. our number one story art imitates life as joe the plumber takes a crack at standup. while the cartoonish rush limbaugh and karl rove appear on family guy. samuel wurzelbacher will be performing standup in the funniest celebrity in washington contest. one assumes the concept is being used with irony in this case. mr. rove and mr. limbaugh play themselves in upcoming episodes of "family guy" the plot line courtesy of a democrat in the white house who has nothing to complain about anymore so he switches parties and grabs onto rush limbaugh. well, one is already tweeting about it in the affirmative. yes it's true we'll be a guest on "the family guy" next season.
8:58 pm
joining me now a comedian of the intentional kind christian finnegan. >> hello, keith. >> rove and limbaugh will play themselves. both have a little cartoonish demeanor to begin with. is this sort of an animator's dream or a great challenge because you have to make them more cartoonish? >> it seems like a nightmare. how do you caricature caricatures first of all? for karl rove though if you don't draw karl rove with a forehead so shiny and massive it can barely keep it upright i think you miss out on an opportunity comediwise. >> as to limbaugh and a future in cartoons people forget years ago the simpsons did a caricature of him which was nothing like what he became in real life. >> this is what i'm talking about. how do you even as a cartoonist properly display rush limbaugh's qualities short of drawing him on a massive serving plate with an apple crammed in his mouth? whenever you have people from different sides of the political spectrum coming together for the sake of comedy two things are for certain. there will be a lot of controversy and very few laughs.
8:59 pm
>> the poster boy for that, joe the plumber the comedian. what can we expect from this standup thing, the prop comedy, plungers instead of water melons? what do we got going? >> did you say something about ventriloquism, keith? this is my friend. hulk hogan. the way i envision joe the plumber is a sort of reverse jeff dunham. the human will say these homophobic things and the puppet will be the voice of reason. like i don't want gay people anywhere near my kids. joe, you don't mean that do you? the word is queer. people need to learn their dictionary. joe, you're not even a licensed plumber. i'm a small business owner. >> so this is joe's conscience speaking. >> essentially. >> very nice. now does he get a side kick like megan mccain and they do a martin and louis bit? >> no, no. >> you like the pu

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